Wyrd-O: Tales from the Absurdicon

Friday 20th November



They’re calling it ‘a return trip to madness that finally makes sense’. Malvern’s prodigal fool Simon Blakeman is back as a part of Wyrd-O:Tales from the Absurdicon, on Friday 20th November at 7.30pm.

Bath Theatre describes this made in the moment theatre as ‘Twisted Genius’ as it brings the art of ‘fooling’ to a modern audience. No two performances are the same in this one man show with special guests. A vein of foolishness runs through everyone and the Fools are those who have stepped (or have fallen) beyond the rules. Absurdity is the quality or state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable, illogical, and/or relating to some sort of ancient math written in feathers and paste.

Wyrd-O: Tales from the Absurdicon is not just theatre but a whole night of absurdity combining the live theatre of Simon Blakeman’s Wyrd-O performance with film, cartoons, cocktails and beer. The evening leads into a night of dance rhythms lead by DJ Ed Steelefox to take you from a member of the audience to a puller of shapes. The lounge - lit by the light of vintage cartoons, Beckett films and extraordinary others - will be a place to watch and drink cocktails at our candlelit bar or plink plunk on the old Joanna...the rest of it is yours to make up so whether you want to sip cocktails in the lounge or dance until the morning, be sure to join us.

Simon Blakeman winner of The Guardian Visual Shakespeare Prize 2014, and season Fool brings an act of pure invention with a generous splash of crazy.

It would be ABSURD to miss this Theatre Space Production at Malvern Cube on Friday 20th November 2015. Tickets cost £9 adv and £11 on the door and are available from www.malverncube.com and Malvern Tourist Information Office.