The Whispering Road by Serious Kitchen

Friday 24th April

The Whispering Road SmallDrawing on the rich Swedish folk tradition and instruments, through spoken word, song and music "The Whispering Road” tells the story of hope in the darkness, of two strangers bound by a ring and of the one who could not love. Nick Hennessey, Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer combine as SeriousKitchen to create a brand new show. Drawing on the rich heritage of Scandinavian myths and stories, The Whispering Road blends Nick Hennessey’s spellbinding storytelling with Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer’s experience in the Swedish folk music scene.

The Whispering Road is a wonderful show of two halves by a talented folk trio, and it’s a winning combination of close harmony singing, music and spoken world. The first half of the show is a lively and fun mini folk gig introducing you to traditional scandinavian music with Vicki Swan on the strange Swedish nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), Nick Hennessey on harp and vocals and Jonny Dyer on guitars, kohorn (cow horn) and accordion.

Bubbling with vivid imagery and thrilling music, the second half is the story of The Whispering Road. It’s fast, it’s funny, it’s moving and Nick’s theatrical performance will have you in the palm of his hand. Meanwhile she music seamlessly weaves through and conjures up everything from Swedish Countryside and magical beasts to castles.

This is a gripping entertainment for all ages But beware… there will be trolls!

‘I could have watched it all over again… A masterclass in storytelling and musicianship…. Fantastic family entertainment’ - Audiences